When you have customers that you charge each month for the same services, QuickBooks Online has a “make recurring” feature.

QBO Invoice1

Figure 1

Click on the Gear Icon at the upper right side then click Recurring Transactions under Lists.

QBO Invoice2

Figure 2

The above screen will appear.  Select Scheduled in the box to the right of Template Type and select Invoice in the box to the right of Transaction Type.

QBO Invoice3

Figure 3

Next fill in all the pertinent information above.  You can check the box for “Automatically send emails” so the invoices are e-mailed at your desired interval.  Click the Save Template button on the bottom right side after filling in all the information.
Another option to setting up Recurring Invoices is clicking the Plus Sign in the middle of the screen then selecting Invoice under Customers.

QBO Invoice5

Figure 4

You can then fill in the pertinent information then click “make recurring” at the middle bottom of the screen.

QBO Invoice4

Figure 5

This will take you to the recurring transaction screen as shown in Figure 3 above.
If you do not check the the box for “Automatically send emails” then you can print the Invoices from the Transactions>Sales click on the box on the left side next to Invoice then select batch action select Print Transactions.  You can then preview the invoice as below.
QBO Invoice7
If you would like to learn more about this QuickBooks Online Strategy, please call Susan at 847.895.9880.