The following features are included with QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2016 and QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 16.0

  • Bill Tracker 

You can access it from either the menu bar, select Vendors, then Bill Tracker or from the Vendor Center or from the top or left navigation bars.
Bill Tracker 
With the new Bill Tracker dashboard you can:

  • View real-time data and status of the money-out transactions for the business
  • Filter the displayed details by clicking on any of the color blocks at the top
  • Filter the displayed details specifically for:
    • Vendor, which includes a subtotal and the option to expeand or collapse selected vendor details
    • Type of transaction
    • Status of transactions including all, open or overdue
    • Date range
  • Group the displayed information by Vendor
  • Clear/Show all will reset any filters you have selected


  • Bulk Clear Send Forms

You can access it from the menu bar, select File, then Send Forms
Bulk E-mail
With the Bulk Clear Send Forms, you can remove the Email Later selection on the Create Invoice window in batch from the Send Forms menus.
Fiscal Year-to-Last Month Report Filter
You can access from any report that permits you to filter for a specific date range.  From a displayed report, select the Dates drop-down then choose This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month.  
Last Month
These are just a few items new to QuickBooks,.  If you would like to learn more about these and other new QuickBooks tips and the QuickBook improvements, please call Susan at 847.895.9880.