When your attempt to purchase rental property fails, two types of costs are considered

  • Capital acquisition costs
  • Start-up expenses

Capital acquisition costs are those costs that you capitalize and add to basis.  Two examples of rental capital acquisition costs are

  • Earnest money
  • Inspection and appraisal

Because you entered into this capital acquisition to make a profit, you can deduct your failed capital acquisition as a loss on IRS Form 4797¹ for the full amount of the costs.
Start-Up expenses are costs incurred to create or acquire a business or rental.  For example, if you incurred travel expenses in pursuit of starting your rental business which failed, your travel costs are in oblivion.

  • If you start another rental business, the failed travel costs will produce tax benefits on the new rental as start-up expenses.
  • If you do not start another rental business, the travel costs are lost when you die.

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¹ IRC Section 165