The following are a few QuickBooks Online tips designed to save you time while working in your file:

  • After logging into your QuickBooks Online company, right-click in either in your Chrome or Internet Explorer browser, then left-click Duplicate in Chrome or Duplicate Tab in Internet Explorer. This gives you two tabs for your QuickBooks Online company.  You may repeat duplicating tabs as needed.  You may also pull tabs to other screens then work on these windows independently of each other.
  • If you are receiving unexpected results when working in QuickBooks Online or are having problems logging in, clear your cache and cookies.
  • Click CTRL+ to zoom in and CTRL- to zoom out.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl+Alt+/ displays the screen where you find your Company ID which might be needed if calling technical support.
    • When you are in a date field, you may move forward and back a day at a time by using + and – keys. You may type in a letter in the date field for the following:
      • T for Today
      • W for first day of the week
      • K for last day of the week
      • M for the first day of the month
      • H for the last day of the month
      • Y for the first day of the year
      • R for the last day of the year – Are you catching the pattern here?
    • If you are in the rate or amount fields of a transaction, enter your first number and one of the mathematical functions then your next number; the result is entered directly into the transaction.

If you would like to learn more about this QuickBooks Online Strategy, please call Susan at 847.895.9880.